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Giving yourself or giving a gift card?
Posted by Gary Bubb
What better way to show someone you really care about them than by giving them something you made with your own hands.  Now I agree there are occasions when giving a gift card is not only a good idea but is also absolutely necessary.  However, lets explore the benefits of making your own gift for a moment.  First, making a gift tells the receiver they are special.  Doesn’t knowing that you are special to someone make you feel better about yourself and even more secure.  Second, making your own gifts also says something to the receiver about yourself.  I believe it says you really value relationships and that you are self confident enough to give a gift made by YOU.  Finally, a personal made gift has what they call in the art world providence.  It has a story behind it that you and the receiver share.  It is a gift that family and friends will talk about now and years from now…it’s a gift that just screams REMEMBER ME!

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Is MDF better than Baltic Birch?
Posted by Tom Cook
For interior decorating purposes MDF is king.  There are many reasons why this is the case.  1. MDF is extremely smooth compared to Baltic Birch or any other wood for that matter.  This makes it much easier to paint and anyone who has painted both knows exactly what I mean.  2. MDF does not warp like Baltic Birch.  Visit your local Home Depot or Lowes and compare the big sheets of plywood to the big sheets of MDF and see for yourself.  3. MDF is 4 or 5 times less expensive than Baltic Birch.  That last bit may help you determine if you are paying too much for your MDF products.

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Does thickness matter?
Posted by Gary Bubb
Absolutely!  All of our designs are made from 3/4" thick MDF compared to 90 percent of the market, which is either 1/8" or 1/4".  When you do the math it’s not a big difference.  However, when you set them next to each other and listen to people describe the differences it makes a huge impact.  The following is a list of words people have used when describing the thicker MDF versus the thinner MDF:  DEFINITION - SUBSTANTIAL - DEPTH - VOLUME - 3D - SCULPTURE - ART - VALUE - PERMANENT.  I really like the last one - PERMANENT!!! So the next time you are browsing for an unfinished item to decorate pay attention to the thickness because it really does make a big difference.

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